Saturday, August 6, 2016

Back in the Swing of Things

This has been in the running as one of the least updated actively used by blogger blog pages on the internet in recent history.

Various things always happen. The weight of challenges isn't always easy to gauge before taking them on. If you find it hard to maintain balance, then the true you shows itself because you are tested and the people who pass this exam know how to meet life on its terms when it's necessary to do so, and make things happen and work toward goals while managing to get by.

That said, I've been busy working on a writing project (not online because it's experimental),looking after my elderly parents and trying to earn a buck and pay my bills. The experiment is on hiatus now, my parents now have my sister and I looking after them and I'm now looking for a job to earn a buck to pay my bills.

That's my summation of my recent history though I did manage to post on the hotly anticipated (but ultimately neglected) Topps Heritage set devoted to the 1967 Topps card design. Topps tried to address modern design interest for fans (action photos, candid pictures, etc) with original (poses from players either in spring training parks or big league stadiums of previous years).

My collection of '67 Topps card photos is back on my new used laptop and I'll be good to go soon/

But the love of the game, baseball. That's what made my return to this inevitable. The simple pleasures of watching the games, the happy memories of playing, enjoying them on TV, the handful of games I've seen in person and of course, card collecting. I am blessed with happy memories of childhood, all children should be so blessed and I hope as many as possible are in today's day of age.

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