Saturday, August 6, 2016

#44 Joe Nuxhall Pitcher Cincinnati Reds from a 15 year old rookie to a 37 year old vet.

I can't imagine any Reds fan not being enthused with having this classic card. Not only was Nuxhall a fan favorite player, he was also their radio/TV color commentator for literally decades after retirement. His rough voice was often paired with play by play man Marty Brennaman.

Nuxhall's initial claim to fame occured during the World War Two years. A mere 15 years old, probably with knees shaking and nerve swallowing when he got the call to take the mound at the Reds old par Crosley Field, Nuxhall debuted. I only assume he was nervous. He managed only 2 outs while giving up 5 earned runs in a 18-0 route loss to the Cardinals. You'd think with the game already well out of hand in the top of the 9th, the pressure might have been off but all the Reds arms were feeling it against that Cardinal team which went on to win the World Series that year.

Nuxhall was done in the Majors for a good many years after that appearance but to prove his drive was still in tact, he came back to have a long respectable career with usually under performing teams. It was just his luck to miss out on the Reds trip to the Series in '61. The Reds traded him off before that season but would bring him back for keepsin June '62

The southpaw was a 2 time All Star and had longevity in the league. What makes this '67 Topps card special for Reds fans is, that it's his last card. Nuxhall finished his playing career in '66 and was on to broadcasting while kids were pulling his cards from the $.05 packs.

I never cared much for this card. I never liked the pea green color used for the team name and I felt the picture wasn't striking. There's plenty of sky, what looks like drying grass during the early stages of an extended drought and, frankly, Nuxhall's graying hair in his mid 30's makes me equally self conscious having the same salt and pepper, I'll call it quality in my hair.

I've grown to appreciate this card more though, if only because it is one of the many final cards of a notable player's career and checkout the uniform! A vest with what looks like a windbreaker under the vest.

I recommend Reds fans to pick THIS card up. It is a great piece for any Red fan. Not only is it Nuxhall's last card, it's not so expensive. A nice piece of team history that is both affordable and valuable to a fan.

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  1. Joe Nuxhall had retired before the 1967 season, so his is one of a very few 1967 cards for payers who did not play after 1966.

    Also, Nuxhall is one of 3 players in the 1967 set who began their MLB careers in the 1940s. (Curt Simmons and Smoky Burgess too.)