Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#37 Rick Wise of the Phillies.

Rick Wise had to have had the greatest game of any player in the Majors. Not only did Wise pitch a no hitter on June 23rd, 1971, he hit two home runs and drove in three of the four RBIs of the game. A no hitter and a two home run game? I call that the greatest single game performance in the league.

Wise has a great looking card, though it looks like mine has a nasty crease in the bottom right corner. Luckily,this Wise card is still a low number in the set. I'll get more into high number values when I get there. Wise's cards aren't known for being pricey though his career was long and respectable.

He began his career with the wildly successful though doomed for failure '64 Philadelphia Phillies. He was just working his way back to the Majors by the time this card was printed. '67 started a seven season string of 30+ appearances in a season. He made two All Star teams during this stretch, had double digit wins every season except '68 and of course, had the greatest single game of any Major Leaguer.

Wise a vital starter for the '75 Red Sox team winning 19 for the pennant winners, the most in his career. He ended up doing alot of work for the Indians in '78 and '79 before winding down his career in San Diego for the Padres.

As I said the card is a good. It looks like a quality example of what the set looks like. A good pose of the player. Good view of the Shea Stadium infield, even a good complete shot of the classic of the mid '60s Phillie uniforms.

Good signature in a good place and the yellow lettering works well with the red in the Phillie jersey as well. A good compliment of colors and everything is well balanced. Not an expensive card but a good one to have.I just bought a replacement for this creased one for two bucks. Now to replace those cards with blurred photos.

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