Friday, December 7, 2012

Pardon the interruption. Sandy came to town

Hello, I live in South Seaside Park, New Jersey. This is one of the hardest hit barrier islands on the Jersey coast by the combined strengths of Hurricane Sandy and the Noreaster. One storm ran into another and the worst case scenario was made all the more worse because it happened at high tide and during October's full moon. I luckily live in an area of the barrier island which has large protective dunes and am surrounded by houses which are set on concrete (not on sand). For an idea of what other areas of the island looked like after Sandy click here.

I was without power for 30 days, without water for only one day and I continue to be without natural gas (the source of my hot water and heat). There has been a lot of other things happening on the island which is more regarding the actions of local officials which, for me, has been far worse than the storm but I wish to not discuss that now and it doesn't belong on this blog anyway. I'm back online now and on with the tribute to a great baseball card set.

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